The DESIGNER LOOK you have dreamt of can be yours…

The engagement ring for your special someone starts with our diamonds. Diamonds from Injayan Jewelry possess 6Cs: color, clarity, carat, cut, character and cost (savings).

In addition to having exceptional diamonds, Injayan Jewelry is a remarkable source for ring mountings and wedding bands. Because we are able to order directly for you, we can offer you substantial savings.

With a long immersion in the jewelry industry, we can offer you advice and expertise on how to achieve the designer look you have dreamt of, without paying pricey designer fees. We can help you design and create bridal jewelry that reflects your individual taste. We employ the services of master craftsmen, whose work is usually not available to the general public since they are contractually bound to prestigious stores. The result for you is bridal jewelry to be worn every day and enjoyed for life.

You will find your shopping experience with us to be safe and secure, backed by our flawless record of client satisfaction. We have a longstanding policy of assisting our clients in future trade-ups and exchanges so that you are assured of long-term satisfaction with your purchase and with us as your family jeweler for generations to come!


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