A trusted RESOURCE for jewelry you would like to purchase or sell…

Make Injayan Jewelry your first place to consult when you want to buy jewelry or you inherit or otherwise acquire jewelry you would like to sell.

For more than 50 years, we have enjoyed the reputation as San Francisco's most reliable jewelry appraiser and have become a valuable resource for jewelry dealers and gem collectors, with a substantial client base to draw upon.

Our policies

Brokering: We will evaluate and bid on jewelry we feel is marketable and suitable for our clients; however, our experience shows that larger stones and superior-quality items are easier to resell. There are no fees for most bids containing three pieces or fewer and no minimum or maximum purchase limits.

Consignment: We charge a flat 10% commission to resell jewelry you leave with us. We will issue you a receipt for each piece, stating the reserve amount and describing the piece. You will not be charged for withdrawing any or all the pieces during the agreed-upon time period. Each item will be insured for the reserve amount while we attempt to find a new buyer. We will not sell an item until confirming the offer with you, the client.


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