San Francisco Traditions of experience and service…

Established in 1965, Injayan Jewelry is recognized as the most respected independent jewelry appraisal firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. We understand each aspect of a piece of jewelry, from the creation of the gem and processing of the rough crystal to the design, workmanship and history of the piece. We also can determine fair market, estate, wholesale, and retail replacement value.

Our knowledge and practical experience enable us to both broker and create unique jewelry. Each item in our Estate collection represents the finest example of the period. We are well known among other estate dealers nationwide as a source for fine gems and important period pieces.

We can help you become involved in the process of selecting a gem and designing an exciting piece of jewelry that you and your family will appreciate for years to come. At the same time, we will ensure the very best workmanship at the most reasonable cost. Together, we can provide a rewarding jewelry experience for you and your loved ones!

Whether you are thinking of purchasing a jewelry item or have inherited a piece of jewelry you are unsure about, we can be of service in objectively acting as your expert consultant. We will gladly answer all your questions concerning gems and jewelry, such as how to make an intelligent diamond purchase, how to design a wedding set or anniversary ring, how to determine your jewelry's age and value (appraisal), how to care for gems and jewelry, how to determine the qualities of a gem that make it investment grade.